Who delivers the Award in Jamaica?

The International Award is delivered in about 130 countries all over the world by organisations licensed to do so. In Jamaica, the Award is delivered by the National Office and other licensed organisations. These include Award Units and Open Award Centres.

• Award Units – This is an organisation that works directly with young people ((such as the Cadets, Scouts, Girl Guiding and The Order of St John) and juvenile justice programmes—pretty much anyone who works directly with young people, provided that they are licensed and is licensed to deliver the Award to participants. Once you have received your licence and become an Award Unit, we’ll train your adult Award Leaders for the vital and rewarding role of running the Award within your organisation. Volunteering as an Award Leader, and mentoring young people to complete their Award, is an extremely enriching experience.

• Open Award Centres – where participants can go to enrol in the Award and be mentored through the programme if they are not able to access an Award Unit locally. You may need to contact an Open Award Centre if your school or youth group doesn’t deliver the Award, you can’t take part in your school or group’s Adventurous Journey expeditions, or you don’t have enough people to make up an Adventurous Journey group of your own.

To get started on your Award you will need to register here.

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