How does the Award work?

There are three levels to the Award—Bronze, Silver and Gold—and each level has four specific sections that participants need to complete activities in (plus a fifth at Gold level):

Voluntary Service
Physical Recreation
Adventurous Journey
Residential Project (Gold level only)

Activities are completed under the guidance of an Award Leader. An Award Leader is someone who has been appointed by an Award Unit to run the Award for their organisation, and will monitor, discuss, encourage and motivate participants to reach their goals. At each level, participants increase the time, commitment and challenge they need to invest in order to achieve an Award.

Participants need to find an Assessor for each section of their Award programme, someone who has the relevant knowledge and experience in the chosen activity to assess their involvement and improvement in that activity. The Assessor will write a short report on the activity once the participant has met the required time, and sign it off in their Online Record Book. Note that the Assessor cannot be a family member.

To get started on your Award you will need to register here.

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